there were two things i was certain of when i got engaged
the guy i was going to marry
and that there would be mason jars at my wedding
lots of them
everything else seemed to fall into place
around all the mason jars of course
...and then came baby...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

give a shout out: review your vendors

you survived your wedding day...congratulations!

you've recuperated from all the planning & excitement and are adjusting to life after the honeymoon.

now you only have a few things left to take care of. i know, i know.


besides the customary thank you card to all of your guests, you should really thank all of your vendors too. in my opinion, the best way to thank your vendors (besides tipping of course) is to give them a rave review.

not only do i make sure to continue to review my vendors on various wedding websites, BUT, i simply can't shut up about them. word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing for all your vendors.

every single one of our vendors were booked based on reviews we had received from friends, friends of friends or personal experience.

a good vendor is something to cherish. you don't realize how important a good vendor is until you get a bad one. i was lucky enough to walk away from our wedding day with zero complaints about any of our vendors and would highly recommend them to everyone looking to get married in the CT area.

that being said, here's a little shout out to all of our vendors!


photographer: afterglow photos
ceremony & reception location: florence griswold museum
ceremony & reception flowers: windham gardens
ceremony & reception music: eta music

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jacin {lovely little details} said...

you got your dress at white dress by the shore! great place :)