there were two things i was certain of when i got engaged
the guy i was going to marry
and that there would be mason jars at my wedding
lots of them
everything else seemed to fall into place
around all the mason jars of course
...and then came baby...

Friday, July 30, 2010

the birdcage: semi-DIY wedding card holder

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it was a couple weeks before our wedding day when we realized we didn't have anything to hold gift cards. we ended up going with the first idea that came to mind, which was the ever classic birdcage. since we didn't have any lying around, we set out on a hunt. we were lucky enough to find one at the first antique shop we visited. it was dark brown & sitting on top of an old dresser. we passed by it a few times before realizing it's potential.

we took the little birdcage home & gave it some love. first, we wiped off all the dust. then we spray painted it white. finally, we used sandpaper to rub some of the paint off to give it a vintage look.

any other creative ideas for a wedding gift card holder?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

trust me, she'll dig 'em: creative bridal shower gifts

here are just a few unique, useful & cute bridal shower gifts that i've had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand. not that registered gifts aren't the cat's meow, but sometimes a girl could use a little something outside the norm. any of these could be tweaked to work for other occasions, like baby showers, weddings, bon voyage parties, housewarming gatherings or any other dreamy events you attend!

numero uno ~

addressed & stamped thank you cards for the bride to send to all bridal shower attendees. seriously, does it get any better? the shower is such an amazing day for the future bride to be showered with love & attention. but a week later she's stuck with the daunting task of finding creative ways to say thank you for the blender, linens and plates she registered for. help a sister out & at least take care of the even more boring task of addressing all the envelopes!

it would be fantastic if you could match the thank you cards with the wedding invitations. it doesn't necessarily need to be by the same vendor, but staying within the color scheme and theme would be gravy.

{via codesign}

numero dos ~

a personalized tote filled with goodies for the honeymoon. find out where the bride & groom are going and use that as a guide when choosing the contents. for example, if they're whisking away to tahiti, you could create a fun beach getaway package. fill a big tote with colorful towels, suntan lotion, a pretty necklace, flip flops and perhaps some lingerie to show off the new tan. you could also include a gift certificate to a local restaurant and cute maps of the destination. the more personal & useful the better.

numero tres ~

this last idea is my favorite. first, i must give my sister-in-law 100% credit. she created a personalized cookbook for my husband and i for our wedding with recipes from all of our family members and bridal party. she also included photos and commentary that made the whole thing so beyond special. in a word it was, amazing. i cried. it is a gift to top all gifts. and i will have it forever. it's currently on display in our kitchen right now. she used tastebook to create the masterpiece!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

every painting tells a story: unique guest book idea

{via afterglow photos llc}

it's an ongoing debate which one of us came up with the easel sign-in idea. the hubs thinks he did. i think it was my brilliant idea. regardless, we're both so happy we did it!

the impressionist art museum where we got married encouraged artists to set up along the river to paint, which is why we thought this idea fit in perfectly.

we used an old rickety easel i had bought off craiglist many years ago and hit up an art store for the canvas, brushes & array of paints.

the end product is beyond special and hysterical at the same time.

any other ideas for a way to capture well wishes?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

bubbles, confetti, and sparklers! oh, my!: fun ways to shower the bride & groom

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{via white box}

the ceremony exit was one element of our wedding day that we didn't really plan out. we just asked the musicians to play a pretty song as we walked down the aisle as mr. & mrs.

looking back, it would've been great to have a photo of the two of us getting pelted with confetti. we were limited with what we could toss because we got married at a public museum. they didn't want us leaving behind a petal-filled lawn. fair enough. sparklers would've been amazing (just look at the second to last photo!), but since we got married during daylight, it wouldn't have had the same effect.

we went to a gorgeous outdoor wedding at a family friend's home last year. after the ceremony, they had all of the guests line up along their lawn & toss wildflower seeds. it must have been so special to see the flowers the following spring!

any other ideas for showering the newly wed couple?

Monday, July 26, 2010

novel idea: creative way to incorporate books into your wedding day decor

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{via classic bride}

i'm really diggin' this idea of incorporating gently used books into the wedding day. it's such a great way to add height and dimension to a table, all while giving off a smarty pants vibe. you can collect beautifully colored hardcovers from your local salvation army, flea markets and garage sales. or, use the good old internet to score classic romance novels on online auction sites like ebay.

best yet, the books could double as favors for your guests!

you could leave library check-out cards at each person's seat with a little note letting them know the books are for their taking. the check-out cards could also double as place cards! the possibilities are endless : )

any other ideas?

Friday, July 23, 2010

unlikely combo: delicious, refreshing cocktail with a twist

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it's friday!

time to chillax after a long week staring at dizzying computer screens.

we're having friends over this evening for a spur of the moment mexican feast. ole! (we had leftover taco shells & turkey meat that we didn't want to go to waste, but that can be our little secret). anyway, i was trying to come up with a cocktail to accompany the bites & thought this watermelon/jalapeno delight could be just the ticket.

now i'm no bartender, so you'll have to mess around with your own measurements, but it goes a little something like this:

mix a couple shots of tequila


fresh squeezed watermelon juice


crushed jalapenos


top with sprigs of cilantro

i suggest mixing & straining to avoid hot bites of jalapeno.

sip, relax, enjoy.

let's get physical: quick tips on getting fit for your wedding

{via real simple}

putting on a white dress & slowly walking down an aisle, lined with all your nearest & dearest, can be somewhat intimidating. which would explain why most brides kick their behinds into gear for their wedding day.

for some reason, i did not get that kick. my husband & i always goof that we're more in shape a year after our wedding then the day of. i don't know why, but we just didn't motivate. perhaps it had something to do with the fact that we were moving across the country a month before the big day?

when you've got seating charts to maneuver, 200 favors to make from scratch and a job to keep, who has time to exercise?! in all fairness though, it's a good way to release pre-wedding stress, so try to squeeze in one of these quick 15-minute routines from real simple or just hula hoop in your spare time.

and yes, they will be looking at you.
it's not like 8th grade english class when nobody paid attention to your shakespeare recitation.
but they love you & only want the best, so calm yourself.

any tips on getting fit for the big day?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

more space: vintage furniture as wedding day decor

{via snippet & ink}

i'd like this exact setup in my backyard.
well, first i'll need to get a backyard.
which will probably require me to purchase a home.
which will most definitely lead me out of the city.
oh my, maybe i'll just set this up in our living room instead.

but wouldn't this be a cute idea for a cocktail hour set up?
you could gather a bunch of mismatched flea market finds for your guests to lounge around between the ceremony & reception, then take it home to your backyard (or living room) after the festivities.

in love.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

yes please: customized painting as wedding, housewarming or plain ol' gift

{via fifi flowers}

today i fell in love...

with a painting.

i've just returned from an extended weekend at the beach and am longing to be back. seriously longing. this beach house painting had me dreaming of sunny days, sandy feet and salty hair.

ahhhhhhhhhhh summer.

as i was gazing at the painting and reading about how fifi at fifi flowers will paint a picture of your own home, i thought, what about giving a painting of a ceremony or reception location as a wedding gift?!

or perhaps the couple's favorite restaurant? maybe the ice cream shop where they met?

this could also be a great gift for a significant birthday, anniversary or housewarming gift.

i'm considering having one of our favorite wedding day photographs transformed into a painting. to me, there is something so special and personal about a painting.

for more cute stuff check out fifi's etsy shop.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

goodbye roaring 20's

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it's time for this broad to enter a new decade.
goodbye to my wonderful & wild 20's.
hello to the big 3-0.

Monday, July 19, 2010

farm fresh: unique rehearsal dinner ideas

{via dinners at the farm}

dinners at the farm is an experience & a half for all those that dwell in connecticut!

for everyone else across the US of A, be sure to check out outstanding in the field below...

the hubs & i bought my parents tickets to dinners at the farm as a thank you for all of their help on the wedding. they couldn't have said better things about the experience and since then it's been on our to-do list.

it may be difficult to coordinate your rehearsal dinner around the scheduled dates, but you could always recreate your own "dinner at the farm." but don't you let that little word "farm" limit you. it can be interpreted as so many different ideas, like your parent's backyard, the public beach or even a state park. there are plenty of amazing rental centers that can supply the basics like tables & chairs and then you can turn to places like ikea or local flea markets for fun decorating details.

but who needs a rehearsal dinner as an excuse?!

this could be a great way to celebrate a birthday, graduation or even just a saturday night with a few pals!

pack a picnic basket, chill some white wine & let your imagination go wild.

Friday, July 16, 2010

charmed, i'm sure: customized bridesmaid gifts

{via madame fortuna}

customized. charm. bracelet. how much better does it get?

i absolutely love this idea for a bridesmaid gift! it's thoughtful, stylish and personal.

madame fortuna will help you select the charms that suit all of your bridesmaids best. and don't you fret if bracelets aren't your thang, she'll design a necklace for you too!

a fabulous suggestion by mf is to wrap the bracelet (or necklace) around the bridesmaids' bouquets during the ceremony & have them wear them during the reception.

love it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

lovely light: gorgeous wedding & engagement photos

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i love the light this time of day.
it just makes everything happier.
more beautiful.
and it makes me smile.

mason jars + booze = a good time

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looking for a new summer cocktail?

this winner is quick, easy, & not to mention super refreshing!


dry champagne
fresh lime juice


mix 'em all together

: )