there were two things i was certain of when i got engaged
the guy i was going to marry
and that there would be mason jars at my wedding
lots of them
everything else seemed to fall into place
around all the mason jars of course
...and then came baby...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

more space: vintage furniture as wedding day decor

{via snippet & ink}

i'd like this exact setup in my backyard.
well, first i'll need to get a backyard.
which will probably require me to purchase a home.
which will most definitely lead me out of the city.
oh my, maybe i'll just set this up in our living room instead.

but wouldn't this be a cute idea for a cocktail hour set up?
you could gather a bunch of mismatched flea market finds for your guests to lounge around between the ceremony & reception, then take it home to your backyard (or living room) after the festivities.

in love.

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