there were two things i was certain of when i got engaged
the guy i was going to marry
and that there would be mason jars at my wedding
lots of them
everything else seemed to fall into place
around all the mason jars of course
...and then came baby...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ice cream sundae showers: perfect for a bride or mama to be

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i had my first official craving on new years day. it was about 8 o'clock in the evening and all of a sudden i had an urge for an ice cream sundae with hot peanut butter and fudge. sidenote: i think i've officially found the one thing you can NOT have delivered in new york city. (if i'm wrong about this, PLEASE fellow new yorkers, tell me who delivers sundaes!) anyway, we bundled up & trekked over to shake shack and what do you think we found there? a bit fat CLOSED sign. i'm not quite sure how i managed not to cry, but i sucked it up, got a milkshake at the closest takeout spot and called it a night.

i got to thinking, how fantastic would an ice cream sundae bar be for a bridal or, better yet, baby shower?!

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Finbella said...

That's not a pregnancy craving, just an every day Joe Bloggs wish :)