there were two things i was certain of when i got engaged
the guy i was going to marry
and that there would be mason jars at my wedding
lots of them
everything else seemed to fall into place
around all the mason jars of course
...and then came baby...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

spotlight on dana + mark: real wedding

welcome to the debut of our real wedding feature!

a huge thank you to our friends at
snap! photography for sharing these fantastic shots of dana & mark's wedding in newport, rhode island. these two lovebirds exude fun, love and happiness and there's absolutely no denying it in these photos. you'll smile & maybe even tear up when you read some of the bride's own words. enjoy!

from the bride:
we were married on june 19, 2010 at our alma mater, salve regina university. it was important for us to be married where we met in newport, rhode island 7 years ago and share this place with our family and friends. we had wanted a catholic ceremony and a reception with a view, so we were married at salve's, our lady of mercy chapel, and the historic mansion, astors' beechwood on the cliff walk, was where we decided to host our reception.

calm, composed & ready to seal the deal!

the groom all set to say his "i do's"

the bride & her brother share a moment before the ceremony

absolutely love this photo. so wonderful that it was caught on film!

the weekend was filled with much love, happiness and tears. happy tears for sure, especially when thinking of my father who had passed away when I was 15 years old. i always knew it would be an emotional weekend, but it started off with an amazing sign from my father. the morning mark and i left for newport, we BOTH knew he was with us. mark had picked up a rental car, a red ford escape. my father had owned a ford dealership and always had red cars, red boats and a red motorcycle, so we knew that was the beginning, but when we saw the license plate, that really hit home. the NY license plate read, FAE 6193. my father's name was frederick albert emmerich and his initials were FAE. the 619 was our wedding date, june 19th. the 3, well we think it meant that he would always be by our sides. pretty amazing way to kick off the wedding weekend for sure.

i don't know about you, but that story just melts my heart. beyond special.

dana & mark light a candle in memory of her father

they did it!

the bride, groom & their crew

blue sky, blue sea

ready to get the party started. my kind of people.


time to get down

this room is simply amazing.

instead of a groom's cake, i requested to have a RI favorite, dells lemonade, be served at the wedding for mark. the first summer mark and i were dating, we were at the beach in newport one afternoon and mark decided to go get me a delicious frozen lemonade, on the other side of the beach. after 30 minutes, he returned with a melted iced lemonade. it was a sweet gesture and something to this day we still laugh & talk about. we had a dell's cart and made lemonade vodka our special cocktail. mark was definitely excited about it, he drank them all night long.

gorgeousimo cake

animal house to the max

the stunning astors' beechwood on the cliff walk in newport, ri

i love this last shot. they're married and completely over the moon.
the best part of the day was finally seeing each other and becoming husband and wife. after 7 years, we were ready to make it official and start our lives together as a married couple.

thanks a million to dana & mark for sharing their story & gorgeous photos.

go to the snap! happy blog for more shots from dana & mark's big day.


raina dawn dieterle from raina dawn events
paul at broadway florists of newport
monique llhulier dress & veil from kleinfeld

please don't be shy about getting in on the real wedding fun!!

whether you're a photographer, wedding planner, bride or groom, send us photos from your big day (or your client's big day) to be featured in one of our weekly spotlights!


Unknown said...

Beautiful wedding!

Unknown said...

LOVE! What a great piece about Dana and Mark!

All About The Gift Cow said...

What a fabulous idea! I look forward to more wedding spotlights. It simply doesn't get much better than lemonade vodka by the water in the summer...definitely my definition of perfect!

MrsFord said...

this wedding looks like Great Gatsby meets Studio 54. Too much fun.

Donnajm said...

I dont know how I stumbled upon this site, but if your dad was Freddie Emmerich at Rye Ford, I worked there in the business office for a couple of years. He was a great man. I'm sorry about his passing. Your photos are beautiful!